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Power Smart Seminar – Manitoba Hydro

Plan to attend one of Manitoba Hydro’s energy efficiency seminars which will help recreational building operators save money through lower operating costs. Learn how to understand and manage your electrical and natural gas bills. Find out what financial assistance and technical support is available through Manitoba Hydro’s Power Smart programs to help operators lower their heating and cooling costs, improve occupant comfort and extend building life. Manitoba Hydro has recently increased financial incentives or introduced new incentives for a number of its Power Smart for Business programs including LED lighting; insulation and windows; HVAC systems including CO2 sensors, tank or tank-less hot water systems, and HRVs; parking lot controllers; and solar energy. Power Smart PAYS Financing is available for many of these technologies offering convenient on-bill financing using bill savings from these upgrades.

Various Manitoba Hydro Power Smart specialists will explain how to take advantage of Manitoba Hydro’s suite of incentive programs and present a variety of energy saving options including some less costly ideas that result in quick returns. Come learn what new energy saving products might be best for your operation and how Power Smart for Business programs can help fund your upgrades.

Learn How Your Facility Can Benefit From Energy Efficiency

Manitoba Hydro Power Smart for Business programs can help your facility reduce operating costs, increase comfort for patrons and employees, improve building performance, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Learn more about low cost and no cost opportunities to reduce energy costs, energy efficient upgrades, and the financial and other incentives available through Manitoba Hydro Power Smart. The workshop will also include information on billing and what impacts your bill along with a variety of technical opportunities and services for your recreational facility.


  • Billing
    • Billing components & rate classes
    • How to reduce electrical demand
    • Energy monitoring & tracking
    • Interactive effects
  • Power Smart Programs
    • Lighting (including the various LED lighting options)
    • Building Envelope
    • HVAC
    • Geothermal
    • PAYS Financing
  • Commercial Custom Measures Program
    • Optimized set points
    • Brine pump cycling
    • Efficient compressors
    • Heat recovery
    • Condenser fan VFDs
    • Oversized condensers
    • Low E ceilings
    • Low cost / No cost measures
  • Manitoba Hydro Services
    • Energy Efficiency Guide
    • Recreation Facility Survey
    • Evaluate Fuel Options

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