Keynote Speakers:


How to Build and Maintain a Personal and Professional Brand

 Monday March 13th

This keynote address will walk you through the essence of a brand and its role in your organization, but the focus of this address will look at each of you attending the Recreation MB Conference. What is your brand? How are you managing that brand? What can you do to build your personal and professional brand (and why the heck would you even want to) and align it with your organization to deliver even a greater unified and strong community brand.  


Wednesday March 15th

Jennifer Barroll is a passionate communicator. With a background as an actor, media personality, and stand-up comedian, she uses her quick wit and energetic personality to deliver practical leadership training and communication tools. Having worked with some of the biggest brands, including Nascar, Red Bull, and McDonalds, Barroll’s engaging storytelling and practical lessons empower leaders, teams, and individuals to learn, grow, and evolve in order to reach their full potential.

Session topics:

Sponsorship 101 – An Understanding of Sponsorship Revenue Generation in Your Community in 2023 and Going Forward

Speaker: Brent Barootes

Monday March 13th

This workshop is a professional development opportunity for those new to sponsorship or that are looking to enhance their sponsorship acumen and learn about the industry trends. Whether you are selling for your municipality, anything from rink boards to Canada Day event, or if you are responsible for bringing in sponsors for programs like Communities in Bloom; whether you are a volunteer or paid staff, this session will help you take away the tools you need to raise more money! This session will be delivered by industry expert, author and thought leader Brent Barootes, President and CEO of Partnership Group – Sponsorship SpecialistsĀ®

How to save money and energy with Efficiency Manitoba

Speaker: Stacey Manikel

Monday, March 13th

Presentation to share Efficiency Manitoba latest programs, incentives, and opportunities as they relate to Recreation facilities in Manitoba.

Strategies for Building Community Engagement

Speaker: Brenda Robinson

Tuesday March 14th

Social trends and most recently COVID-19 have changed the needs and demands of communities. Working together has taken on new meaning. We now need community groups, boards, committees and volunteers to share their expertise and get the “best” from the “most.” We just can't afford to duplicate services and ask the same people all the time to help us out. There are so many common areas in our communities that could be better addressed by working with engagement, involvement and inclusion. We need “more to do more together” instead of trying to “do more with less.” Join Brenda to discuss strategies for building community engagement. It takes a whole community to be a healthy productive community.

Building Sponsorship Proposals That Get Results

Speaker: Brent Barootes

Tuesday March 14th

This 60-minute session is focused on assisting your individual organization on generating more sponsorship revenue through presenting better proposals. Do you close every proposal your present? If not, this session is for you. It will help you to reach that goal of “getting a yes” on each proposal you present. Whether you are a municipality or event or program, staff or volunteer, this high-level workshop session will layout the process and provide the tool to build, present and close better sponsorship proposals

Recreation Asset Management

Speaker: Zachary Tarantino 

Learn the importance and impact of good asset management practices on streamlined operations (Inventory Data Collection, PMs / Work Order Management, Risk Assessment, Lifecycle Planning and Level Of Service. Discuss success stories of local communities in Manitoba, free tools to get started and a road map for successful implementation.

Project Management

Speaker: Kenneth Molloy

Tuesday, March 14th 

An interactive look at how to run projects in an effective and efficient manner to achieve the desired outcomes. This will be done using the Project Management Institute's Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide (version 6) and examples from personal experience and the news.

The Current Legacy of Residential Schools

Speaker: Steve Greyeyes

Tuesday, March 14th

What does the legacy of Residential Schools look like in today's youth? In this presentation we will move beyond the history and look at some of the issues facing young Indigenous people that have their roots in the Residential Schools. Questions and conversation is encouraged. Bring your questions!

Anti-Racism in Sport

Speakers: Craig Brown and Jessica Praznik

Wednesday, March 15th

Findings from the Anti-Racism in Sport Campaign research project, Craig Brown and Jessica Praznik will provide background into the Anti-Racism in Sport Accord and share ways that recreation organizations and facilities can incorporate antiracism policies and practices within their scope of work.

Zap Stress from Your Desk with Breathing Exercises to Relieve Stress

Speaker: Sheena Kilpatrick

Wednesday, March 15th

Recreation Directors promote health and wellbeing to their community however their jobs are fast paced and demanding. In this presentation Sheena will explain the importance of pausing and deep breathing to help focus the mind and recharge the body. The presentation will also show desk-friendly stretches to help ease tight muscles. She will also explain the LUNGtivity program and how it is a community program to help those with chronic lung disease do safe group exercise.

Hike Manitoba's Top 5 Trails... and Why

Refrigeration- Net Zero

Packing More Into Your Pool - Innovative Techniques to Maximize Space

Panel: Outdoor Winter Programming

...and more to come!

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