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Creating Welcoming & Culturally Safe Places for Sport, Recreation and Physical Activity for Newcomers

  • September 21, 2021
  • 12:00 - 13:00
  • Zoom

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Delivered by: Winnipeg Newcomer Sport Academy

Is your organization looking to expand and welcome participation among newcomer populations? Newcomers to Winnipeg certainly have a ​keen interest in participating in sport and physical activity and want to receive the benefits of participation.  We speak of the importance of diverse and inclusive places. Yet the actions to create welcoming and culturally safe places are often missing and can perhaps be attributed to the lack of opportunities to hear from those with lived experiences as newcomers to Canada. During this session, you will hear about the newcomer experiences in sport and recreation and what can be done to remove barriers, be more welcoming, developmentally appropriate and culturally safe.

This workshop is the beginning of an opportunity to expand our world view ​and take action toward a more welcoming, safe and inclusive places ​for newcomers in Canada. 

Supported by Sport Information Resource Centre (SIRC)


Ghirmay Tekle Weldegebriel Kfle

Ghirmay came with his family from Eritrea to Winnipeg in 2019. In Eritrea Ghirmay was a school teacher as well as an athlete and coach in track and field. His two sons are part of the Winnipeg Newcomer Sport Academy and knows of the barriers that newcomers face while trying to participate in sport. He has much to share about sport and its importance to newcomer youth and their families.

Betty Kassa

Betty arrived in Canada from Ethiopia in 2015 and quickly fell in love with playing soccer, having never played before. Betty coaches soccer with Winnipeg Newcomer Sport Academy and IRCOM. She bring great coaching skills and also relates to athletes as she has lived experience with participation in sport in Winnipeg. Recently, Betty was accepted into the Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management at the University of Manitoba

Richard Sylvester

Richard Sylvester is a strength and conditioning coach from Winnipeg, Manitoba specializing in youth athletes.  Richard has spent his entire 14-year career working with youth athletes age 5-18 Additionally, Richard is currently pursuing his PhD at The Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand), with a Thesis titled Sprint characteristics in youth female athletes across maturation. His mission is to take his life experience as an athlete and his career experience in strength and conditioning, in order to teach youth athletes how to move and be prepared for long term sport and physical activity. Richard is the WNSA Director of Field of Play and ensures  quality experiences for all participants.

Samira Jahmoun

Samira Jahmoun arrived to Winnipeg in 2016 from Syria and has been in Canada almost 5 years. In this short time, she has learned to speak English and adapt to her new country. Her family is part of Winnipeg Newcomer Sport Academy. She has two brothers and one sister and she is the second oldest. Samira enjoys playing sports especially soccer, badminton and basketball. She completed the WNSA Youth in Sport Leadership Initiative. Samira is entering Grade 9 and has recently been accepted to University of Winnipeg Collegiate in the Model School Program.


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