Professional Development Grant Program

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Professional Development Grant Program

What is the Professional Development Grant?

Recreation Connections Manitoba (RCM) in its ongoing efforts to work alongside and with recreation professionals and practitioners in Manitoba, is committed to provide training and professional development opportunities to enhance the skills of those working in the recreation and related fields.

The Professional Development (PD) Grant has been established, in partnership with Manitoba Recreational and Regional Services, to provide opportunities for members to access financial assistance to host workshops, seminars, etc. in their region.  These professional development opportunities must, first and foremost, target recreation professionals and provide them with opportunities to develop critical skills and knowledge.

Who is Eligible to apply for the Professional Development Grant?

Individual and Local Government members of RCM can apply for a professional development grant.  Applicant(s) must consult and partner with their regional Recreation Director Association (or equivalent) in order to be eligible.


Click HERE to view and download the 2019-2020 application form

Click HERE to view the 2017/2018 recipient report from Eastman Interlake Recreation Professional Development Days

Our Mission

Recreation Connections is important to Manitobans.

Recreation Connections Manitoba, Inc. exists to collectively share the passion and spirit of recreation and is dedicated to enhancing the health and wellness of all Manitobans through the development and support of recreation professionals, practitioners and volunteers.

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