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Hiring A Recreation Director Guide

Recreation Connections Manitoba and Manitoba Children and Youth Opportunities, Recreation and Regional Services Branch are pleased to announce that Hiring a Recreation Director – A Practical Guide for Manitoba Communities is available.

People are an organizations greatest asset.  Effective recreation programs and services depend upon good leadership. Finding the right person to fill the role of recreation director will be a key decision that will shape the future of recreation in your community for years to come.  This practical guide has been developed as a how-to tool to be used during the hiring process but can also be used as a means of evaluating your current human resource practices.

This valuable resource includes information on:

  • Determining the Responsibilities and Requirements of the Recreation Director
  • Recruiting for the Position
  • Screening Applicants and Conducting Interviews
  • Checking References and Making the Job Offer
  • Job Orientation and Ongoing Support
  • and other Resources

Download the Hiring A Recreation Director Guide here

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