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Keynote Speaker – Sylvia Marusyk


Stressed to Kill

Sylvia Marusyk

With mental illness on the rise, everywhere you turn people are ready to blow their top! In “Stressed to Kill” Sylvia takes a deep look at the effects of stress, shares her powerful tools to reduce it as well as personal strategies for becoming the “boss“ of your stress. Stress is the next health epidemic and it tends to be contagious; infecting entire teams. Stress leave costs businesses over 50 billion dollars a year. Not to mention the cost in the loss of human potential. Discover better health and a dramatically improved quality of life through Sylvia’s presentation.

Sylvia is fun, sassy, and passionate about  safety and health! Her entertaining presentations focus on a proactive approach to building healthy lives and workplaces. As an Occupational Therapist with years of   practice in the field of workplace safety and health, she know prevention is the key to creating happy, healthy individuals, employees and businesses. She is the former radio show host of ‘Happy Hour With Sylvia!’, and also a regular Health & Wellness contributor to CJOB radio.

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