The TR Professional

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The TR Professional

What does a Therapeutic Recreation Professional do?
Therapeutic Recreation Professionals facilitate life satisfying leisure experiences through therapeutically planned program interventions.

Where are Therapeutic Recreation Professionals Employed?
Recreation Professionals are employed in a variety of health care settings and in the community throughout Manitoba:

  • Long Term Care Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Adult Day Programs
  • Elderly Persons Housing
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Group Homes
  • Community Settings

Who Can Benefit From TR?
Everyone can benefit form therapeutic recreation programs. The intent of the Therapeutic Recreation Facilitator is to empower clients with the opportunity to continue to:

  • Stay socially integrated and active with their community.
  • Creatively express them selves.
  • Retain and maintain independence.
  • Live a healthy leisure lifestyle.

Our Mission

Recreation Connections is important to Manitobans.

Recreation Connections Manitoba, Inc. exists to collectively share the passion and spirit of recreation and is dedicated to enhancing the health and wellness of all Manitobans through the development and support of recreation professionals, practitioners and volunteers.

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