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Aquatic Programmer Course

red-crossIn partnership with Canadian Red Cross


Intended Audience:

The Aquatic Programmer course is idea for full-time aquatic professionals, those seeking to advance their career in aquatics and students in recreation whose career might include responsibility for aquatics programming.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding your community trends and resources, and where and how to build partnerships
  • Understanding risk assessment in the aquatic environment
  • Understanding program planning and administration including scheduling, budgeting and inservice training
  • Understanding staff recruitment and retention strategies
  • Understanding customer relationship management
  • Understanding how, when and where to market your programs and services


Course Conductors:

All of our Aquatic Programmer Course Conductors have at least:

  1. Certification as a Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Trainer
  2. Minimum 3 years’ experience as an aquatics programmer
  3. Have completed the Aquatic Programmers Course

Most have been active in the field of aquatics for many years and are in management roles with municipal aquatics programs.


Certification is based on 100% participation and a score of 75% on the knowledge evaluation. Certification does not expire.

Course Prerequisite:  18 years of age

Duration:  24 hours (over 3 days)

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