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Auditor Course

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Auditor Course

Supervision Evaluation & Enhancement (SEE)
Auditor Course

life-savingIn partnership with the Lifesaving Society

The SEE Auditor Course trains an experienced lifeguard or supervisor to conduct SEE Audits of aquatic facilities and staff.  The SEE Auditor is an important member of the Society’s community-based safety management team, dedicated to improving the safety of all aquatic facilities in Manitoba.

A SEE Audit is an anonymous review of the performance of lifeguards or instructors within a facility.  During a SEE Audit the SEE Auditor observes the staff member under review and uses an evaluation grid to rate their performance against standardized evaluation criteria.  At the conclusion of the process an evaluation report, scored out of 100, is presented to facility management for their review.  While one staff member is evaluated at a time, during a given SEE Audit a SEE Auditor might review all of the staff in a facility.

Target Audience:  Experienced National Lifeguards, Head Lifeguards, Facility Supervisors, or other aquatic professionals dedicated to enhancing the safety of aquatic facilities.

Course Pre-requisites:  National Lifeguard certification with at least 100 hours of practical experience, or National Lifeguard Examiner or Instructor-Trainer appointment.

Course Materials:  SEE Auditor Workbook (provided as part of the course)

Certification:  Certification is valid for two years from the date of the course.

Recognition:  Certification card issued.

Overview of Course Content:

  • Introduction to the Lifesaving Society
  • Principles of Safety Management
  • How the SEE Audit Fits into a Facility Safety Management Plan
  • The Supervision Evaluation & Enhancement Scoring Scale
  • Practical Learning Exercises (Video Based)

Course Length: 4 hours of classroom time

Course Fee:

Winnipeg -Member Price – $130.00 +GST / Non Member Price – $160.00 +GST

Outside of Winnipeg – Member Price – $155.00 +GST / Non Member Price – $185.00 +GST

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